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mai 2014

Woman Says Cop of Forwarded Himself Racy Photos From Her Phone

Last year, 29-year-old Pamela Held was pulled over near the border of Queens and Brooklyn, where she was cited for having an expired vehicle inspection. However, the New York Daily News reports that cops also found a modest stash of pills — four Oxycodones, two amphetamines, and one Suboxone (which is used to treat opiate addiction) — for which she did not have a prescription. Held was arrested for misdemeanor drug possession and brought to the 104th Precinct station house, where she was questioned about what she’d been up to that night. She said that she’d been hanging out with a friend and handed a female police officer her phone so that she could check the text messages to confirm that. Meanwhile, Held said that a male officer, Sean Christian, began flirting with her, though she blew him off. 

But when Held got her phone back, she noticed that 20 racy photos and five videos that she’d saved for her boyfriend had been forwarded to another, unknown number. Her lawyer, Richard Soleymanzadeh, claims that an investigator that he hired traced the number to Christian, who — thankfully! — apparently isn’t bright enough to figure out how to delete outgoing texts. According to the Daily News:

After Held’s lawyer’s investigator connected Christian to the number the pictures were sent to, Held filed a complaint with police. She later spoke to Christian by phone for 50 minutes, with Internal Affairs Bureau investigators listening in, police sources said. Christian even called her back when the call dropped, sources said.

Held is now suing Christian, as well as three other cops who had access to her phone, in federal court. Meanwhile, Christian will likely face a departmental trial that could result in him losing some vacation days, or possibly getting suspended. In the meantime, he’s still on patrol, which is just another reason for the women of New York to be extra careful with their sexts.

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Bronx Teen Commits Suicide After Getting Caught Cheating on Test

17-year-old Omotayo Adeoye drowned herself off the Hudson River Greeway, near West 163rd Street, after a teacher chastised her for peeking at her cell phone during a German exam at the Harlem’s High School for Math, Science, and Engineering. She left behind a note scrawled across the test, as well as her ID, which she placed on a rock near the water. Adeoye’s body has not yet been recovered, but her father told the police that she didn’t know how to swim. 

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New York City’s Bedbug Numbers Are Way Down

Good news, New York! According to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, there have only been 2,268 bedbug violations issued at city rental buildings since October 2013. That might still sound like way t0o many bedbugs, but it’s much better than in 2010 — the height of the creepy crawly epidemic — when there were 4,808 violations. Overall, the city’s bedbug numbers appear to be down by about half.

Here is the New York Post‘s Manhattan bedbug breakdown:

According to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, there have been 381 violations issued for bedbug infestations at rental buildings since October 2013, compared to 846 violations that were issued during the height of the epidemic during the 2010 fiscal year.

…There were 775 violations in the 2011 fiscal year, 675 violations in the 2012 fiscal year and 520 violations in the 2013 fiscal year. The data reflects verified instances of bedbug infestations in multifamily residential rental buildings.

Department spokesperson Eric Bederman attributes the decrease in vermin to "better information available to the general public regarding how to prevent and deal with infestations." He added, "People are now considerably more vigilant." That’s right, everyone — don’t let ever your guard down. That’s what they want.

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Taliban Releases Captured American Soldier After Five Years

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, the only American prisoner of war in Afghanistan, was released on Saturday morning after almost five years of captivity. In a deal brokered by the government of Qatar, the Taliban handed the 28-year-old over in exchange for the release of five Afghan detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, the New York Times reports. Those inmates are on their way to Qatar, where they will remain for at least one year.

Obama administration officials say that Bergdahl was able to walk and seemed to be in decent health. According to CBS News, the transfer took place in eastern Afghanistan, though Bergdahl was believed to have been held just over the border in Pakistan. About 18 members of the Taliban brought him to a group of American special forces "without incident." From the Washington Post:

After the soldier was aboard a helicopter, he grabbed a paper plate and wrote the letters “SF?” inquiring whether the troops he was with were Special Forces, a senior Defense Department official said.

“Yes,” one of the members of the team responded. “We’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

Bergdahl broke down in tears.

Bergdahl, who was said to have been in the custody of the extremist Haqqani network, is expected to be brought to Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Field before returning home to the United States. He went missing in June 2009 after walking off of his base. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear, though Rolling Stone previously reported that he had become "disillusioned" with the military and had told his parents that he was considering desertion. 

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Last Night’s Manhattanhenge Was Not a Bust

The streets of New York will filled with disappointed people on Thursday night, when cloudy weather prevented them from seeing — let alone photographing — Manhattanhenge. Luckily, Mother Nature heard New Yorkers’ anguished cries (or maybe just saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s sad tweet) and on Friday night provided them with another opportunity to see the sun set in line with Manhattan’s cross streets. This time, the sky was clear, and Manhattanhenge did what it was supposed to do.

Check out some of the pretty pictures below:

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Turkish Police Briefly Detained CNN Reporter On Air

While in Istanbul reporting on the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests, CNN International reporter Ivan Watson briefly detained by officials in search of his credentials. As you can see in the video below, Watson was speaking about Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to stop new demonstrations while standing in front of a row of police officers. During his report, the officers moved closer until they were directly behind him. By around 3:00 in the video, a man with a walkie talkie interrupts Watson to ask, "Ask you a journalist?…Can I see your passport?" Though video was cut off shortly into his questioning, Watson — who was caught in a tear gas cloud earlier this month — wrote on Twitter, "One officer kneed me in the butt." 

He later added a two-tweet update: "Turkish police released CNN team after half an hour. Officer apologized for another officer who kneed me while I was being detained. Turkish police officer wasn’t satisfied w/my press card from prime ministry. ‘Many are counterfeited,’ he said, demanding passport."

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New Insider Trading Probe Said to Focus on Phil Mickelson, Carl Icahn

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L’année des recentrages stratégiques, avant de nouvelles acquisitions – Les Échos

L’année des recentrages stratégiques, avant de nouvelles acquisitions
Les Échos
Car si, en 2013, les opérations de fusionacquisition ont bel et bien repris (+ 52 % par rapport à 2012), ce sont souvent des opérations de recentrage, ou des cessions. Déstabilisés par la crise des subprimes, puis par le surendettement des pays

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Samwer brothers eye €3bn Rocket flotation

A mix of an incubator and a venture fund, Rocket’s investments include transport service Easy Taxi and takeaway provider Foodpanda

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