Shards of glass as much as a foot long fell onto 57th Street this morning after an 18th floor window in a high-rise was broken by construction equipment. The glass injured two people on the ground and one worker in the building. An employee of a café next door described the scene to DNAinfo: "A lady was passing by. She wasn’t looking. Then, ‘Bam!’ She was surprised. It hit her in the back of the head. Blood was dripping. They took her here and wrapped her head. She was calm though."

After some of the window fell at 8:30 a.m. and a bit more fifteen minutes later, firefighters went up to the 18th floor to remove remaining shards waiting for their chance to plunge into unsuspecting pedestrians.

Gathering police and fire crews blocked the street as they cleaned up the glass and tended to the injured. The woman hit by the glass and the worker in the building were taken to hospitals, while a man injured on the ground refused treatment. If one of your co-workers has glass sticking out of his head, that’s probably him. 

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