One of our clients sell some patterns which could be useful for the pharma or for the chemical industry, more specifically for large tablet manufacturers.

Acquisition Opportunity

Market Opportunity:

– The oral drug delivery technology market amounts to $ 52bn (+10%)

– Test developments for big pharma companies have been successful


– Shortage of lifecycle solutions for major patented products

– Shortage of differentiated generics on equal price level

– High production costs and environmental impact

– Shortage of differentiated pharmaceutical products at a higher price

– Delays in development due to slow galenic development

Current in

– Promising drugs stalled in development due to formulation difficulties

– Unsatisfied consumer need for compliance improving drugs

Solution provided:

– Smaller tablets (via higher drug loads of 70-100%)

– Fast dissolving tablets

– Ideal for combination products (2+ substances)

– Ability to granulate difficult substances

– Faster market entry for generic companies

– Patent protection for new forms

– Very fast development of new galenic formulation

– Much less costly than standard production process (wet granulation)

– Continous production process supporting quality by design targets

Innovative Dry Granulation ( and technology utilizing a pneumatic classification and agglomeration process

• Suitable for almost any API with differing physiochemical properties to include heat labile and moisture sensitive drugs.

• Granules have both excellent flowability and high compactibility characteristics

• High production efficiency leads to a 30-40% cost saving in production

• It provides market exclusivity through patents as well as retained market share through differentiated galenic forms

Contact : Yves Zieba, +41795611054,